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“Little M@tch Girl” up at Escape Pod!

   Jul 18

“Little M@tch Girl” up at Escape Pod!

My science-fiction drug story, “Little M@tch Girl” is up at Escape Pod. There’s a discussion about it on their discussion boards. Normally, I find discussions of my work terrifying and, often, upsetting, but this one (so far) isn’t bothering me much. In fact, I’m pretty pleased with many of the comments. I know: I’m totally jinxing myself by saying that publicly. Still, seeing how other people interpret your work is like catnip to an author, and I just have to acknowledge a good trip.

In other news, I’m working on applying hand-written edits to my middle-grade novel, “Keaton T.: Junior Gene Hacker”. It’s taking me longer than I thought it would, but then it always does if I don’t have an external deadline.

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  1. gerard says:

    i really enjoyed this story—you could do a series around this dark vision of the future—it belongs in the cyberpunk genre (imho);

    yellow feed pills, jacker jobs, new hires, corporate jobs, … this is good stuff… reminds me a bit of snow crash :-)

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